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Bounce Rate

UPDATE - Google launched Google Analytics 4 in 2020. It’s a new version of Google Analytics, but not a required one…yet. One of the key changes they made is removing Bounce Rate entirely as a metric. Consider this article relevant to Google Analytics Universal, the most common version of GA, but know that even Google doesn’t pay attention to Bounce Rate anymore.

It’s Monday - so it’s time to drop a few marketing tips and tricks. Today we’re going to be talking about bounce rate.

What is bounce rate?

Well, bounce rate is the percentage of total visitors to your website that leave a page without taking an action like visiting another page or interacting with another part of the site (buttons, forms, etc.)

Why would I have a higher bounce rate?

If someone bounces from your website this means one of three things typically: 1) They didn’t find what they needed, 2) They didn’t have a good experience with your site either due to content, user experience, or page layout, or 3) they found exactly what they needed and left.

Why does bounce rate matter?

It lets you understand if your users are getting what they need and what parts of your website maybe aren’t working the way they should. Bounce rate is also a small factor for SEO, so if your bounce rate across the site is high, it’s something you should look at.

What’s considered an average bounce rate?

It’s important to recognize that different pages will have different bounce rates. It’s important to also look at the entire site’s bounce rate to understand how the overall health of the site is doing. Afterwards, look at how individual pages are performing in case you need to make some updates to the layout of the page for a better user experience for your users.

That being said, on average, between the range of 40 - 60% is healthy. This will differ industry to industry, website to website, but this is a safe baseline to use.

How do I find my bounce rate?

Google Analytics! Check out my webinar on Google Analytics 101. It might be a little out dated due to some changes Google has made but these main reports haven’t changed significantly. See here:

And if you have any questions or need help understanding bounce rate please let me know! Feel free to comment below or email me directly.



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