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Branding Variations

Hi all! Jillian here with another Design Talk this week about branding variations. 

Creating more than one logo version is good for different platforms. How many different platforms is the logo going on? Websites, business cards, jackets, water bottles, shipping boxes etc? 

Creating for different surfaces, sizes, and materials allows for versatility in the brand. It becomes more recognizable, more usable. 

Horizontal and vertical logos, color and black & white, and social media favicons all work to make a more versatile brand. If a brand can’t exist within more than one layout, it’s not suitable for the company. 

Do you see how both the logotype and the simplified G are both inherently, Google? The longer, spelled out name works for the search engine, while the G works perfectly for smaller areas like it’s instagram favicon. 

The company has to play to the ever-changing, ever-connected business world that exists today. This means networking on more than one platform, in cyberspace as well as on paper. 

Some other examples:


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