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Color & Conversions

Today let's talk about buttons, conversions and color pops. If I had a dollar every time someone asked to "Make it pop" I would have SO. MUCH. MONEY.

Joking aside...when, where and how often should we use pop colors to help conversion?

Your call to action button color must be easy to see, but not an eyesore. The color should complement the website’s overall design.

Call to action buttons generally, and checkout buttons in particular, should be big, clean, and simple, set against plain backgrounds that aren’t distracting.

Some may think red would be the best button color because it’s all about action and doing things NOW, but not necessarily. Red is used successfully by many companies, but it’s not your only color choice for a button—nor is it always your best choice.

Context is very important and sometimes the best button color depends on the overall design and the specific brand and product. The right call to action color for your brand matches the state of mind your customers need to be in to make a purchase.

Sometimes, that’s a calm, clear state of mind that the buyer can only reach when they’ve thoroughly researched your product and determined it’s the best choice to fulfill their needs. In that case, green is a better choice for your call to action button, especially if your call to action is more “book your consultation” or “let’s talk more” than “buy it now.”

Color psychology is helpful for making informed design decisions in your advertising and marketing, but testing is the only real way to know whether you’re making the right decisions!!

Lastly, don't over do it! Perhaps save your conversion color for the "ADD TO CART" button or just have one of your homepage buttons be the different color.

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