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Customer Support Levels


This package offers no customer support. Customers must use the Punchmark Knowledge Base and other free educational content to navigate any challenges on their own, and tickets will be invoiced on a per-ticket basis. 

Non-Dedicated Support

With this package, customers have access to the Customer Success team, but there is not a designated Customer Success representative assigned to their account. Issues will be handled by any available CS member on a once-per-week basis rather than a consistent point of contact on a daily basis. Phone calls and emails will be answered by whichever CS member becomes available first.


Customers with this package benefit from having a dedicated Customer Success representative assigned to their account, whom they can communicate with by email or phone support. This ensures personalized attention and consistent support for any inquiries or problems that arise, as well as familiarity with your business goals for your website.

Marketing Support

Exclusively available to eligible Marketing clients, this package includes ticket access to the Punchmark Marketing team as well as the Full-Support package. Additionally, it provides specialized assistance tailored to marketing-related needs. Marketing clients receive priority attention alongside standard support services.

Concierge Support

Offering the highest level of support, the Concierge Support package provides customers with a dedicated Customer Success representative, priority queue support for fast-tracked tickets, and a limited amount of monthly work hours to be completed on your behalf. This ensures prompt and personalized assistance, along with additional perks such as expedited issue resolution and priority scheduling.

Learn more about Concierge Support here.

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