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In the main menu, click Home > Dashboard to access your dashboard. Here, you find summary information in several sections within the main panel. Learn more about each section below.

Notification Center

Click the Manage Notifications link to navigate to the Settings > Notifications page, on which you can configure the types of notifications that you want to receive.

Unread Messages

In this section, you can quickly access unread messages. There are several links to various message pages:

  • View all inquiries — review and respond to the latest general inquiries.

  • View all projects — review and respond to the latest project inquiries.

  • View all appointments — review and respond to the latest appointment requests.

Open Tickets

A short list of recent tickets is shown here. Click the View all tickets link to navigate to the Tickets page.

Monthly Sales

This is a chart of the sales in the last 30 days. 

Latest Livestream

Click the link to watch the most recent livestream from Punchmark.

Patches from Last Week

In this section, you’ll find a list of the latest software updates that have been applied to the Punchmark platform.

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