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Design Resources

Hi all! It’s Jillian. This week’s Design Talk is going to digress a little. 

I want to share with you some resources known to those in the design circle for discussions, forums, work examples, etc.I believe that design has a direct effect on human behavior in this day and age. It’s all around us. How we think, how we react, what we purchase, what we see, hear, etc. Design has everything to do with business, and that includes the jewelry business. 

Behance and Dribbble 

Behance, which is powered by Adobe, and Dribbble are fantastic platforms to see the latest in the world of graphic design, illustration, etc. The newest, contemporary digital artists and designers go to these sites to post their work. 

Design Matters 

This podcast led by designer Debbie Millman is a great place to go to find out how creatives are inspired to do the work they do, and how that artistry influences their lives. These conversations are conducted in an organic, friendly way that will sound as if a couple of old friends are right there catching up. If you are easily inspired, scroll through some of the stories posted by Millman.

The Futur

Designer and educator Chris Do walks people through the ins and outs of design. He breaks down intricacies of design like logos, motion, graphics, typography, and branding with videos, podcasts, and more. He also helps businesses further their reach and grow to attract more consumers.

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