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Dev Team Roles

Hey everyone! Slightly different kind of post today, but I thought it would be fun to go through and give you a brief introduction to the tech team at Punchmark and what we all do. Currently, we have six full-time developers, and each of us lends something unique.

I’ll start with myself – I came on to Punchmark’s team about 3.5 years ago just out of college, and I work on the back end of the platform. Along with Ross, I specialize in maintaining and upgrading our EDGE integration, as well as working to build out features and improvements for Version 6. My strengths lie in designing algorithms as well as processing, managing, and transforming data.

Our other back-end developer, Sean, just joined early this year. He came to us after helping build a startup called Passport, and has a ton of experience designing infrastructure that’s both fast and scalable. In addition to the features he’s added to Version 6, a lot of the performance optimizations that we’ve made recently have been worked on by Sean.

Our CTO needs no introduction. Bryan came on to Punchmark in the middle of Version 5’s life cycle to help grow the platform and make it better than ever. Bryan cut his teeth as lead developer of a tech startup in NYC, and brings that experience here. He designed the fundamentals of the Version 6 platform and is a pro at architecting and building challenging projects.

On the front end, we have Kyle. Before coming to Punchmark early this year, he worked as a freelance designer and web developer, and has an incredibly sharp eye for design. Kyle works to code out a lot of client websites, and lends his design experience to polish and improve the UI of our platform. Kyle has helped to build some of our coolest new features, and you’ll see even more in the near future.

Co-founder, CPO, and front-end expert – Dan is absolutely integral to the Punchmark team. Until Kyle came on, Dan was not only the sole front-end developer, but also led the design process for the entire platform. Almost everything that you see and interact with was, in some way, built by him. Dan also closely follows website trends to make sure that Punchmark’s platform design is always up to date.

Finally, our co-founder and CEO, Ross. Up through the beginning of Version 5, Ross was the sole back-end developer at Punchmark. Today, he’s taken a step back from coding on the platform and lends his years of expertise toward maintaining our servers, helping to improve our EDGE integration, and of course, running the company on top of all of that. None of us would be here if it weren’t for Ross, and he continues to be invaluable.

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