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Digimark Technology

Hey guys! We’ve been talking a lot about digital marketing in our other channels of communication, so I thought it might be interesting to go over some of the tech behind digimark. There are a lot of types of digital marketing out there, but I’ll be going over one of the most ubiquitous: retargeting.

First off, for those who don’t know, retargeting is used to serve ads to customers who have interacted with your site by viewing a product, adding items to their cart, etc. The chances of converting a first time user on your site are low, and customers who do convert are more likely to be repeat buyers, so keeping your brand image in front of customers after they leave increases the likelihood that they’ll come back to your site later.

Retargeting works using browser cookies. Not to be confused with the delicious kind of cookie, a browser cookie is a piece of data dropped into users’ browsers when they visit a webpage. By default, most browsers don’t automatically clear cookies, meaning that even if a user only visits your site once, there’s potential to retarget them well into the future. Because of their longevity, cookies are also useful for a lot of cases where a website might want to remember your identity, such as checking to see if you’re logged in. We use a similar technology on Punchmark websites to aid in all kinds of site functionality.

Once the cookie is placed in the user’s browser, retargeting providers such as Google can use that cookie to determine what ads to serve to the user. This means that once they leave your site and browse elsewhere, Google can know to serve relevant ads to them that will point them back to your site. This helps keep your brand relevant in the user’s mind and dramatically increases the chance of future conversion.

Retargeting is only one form of targeting that’s used in digital marketing – if you want to know more about those, let me know!

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