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Ecommerce Landing Pages

Let's talk about creating a high-converting ecommerce landing page.

Customers are more likely to bounce if they just land on a long scrolling product grid page compared to a tailored landing page. Why? Because landing pages are designed and optimized for conversion goals.

Here are some rules to follow when creating your landing page.

  1. Limit the clutter. Have simple & direct headlines.

  2. Clear call to action. You want your customer to know exactly what you're offering.

  3. Use high-quality images. This builds trust and credibility.

  4. Social proof. Customer testimonials can help get more conversions.

  5. Scarcity. Opportunities seem more valuable to us when their availability is limited.

  6. Special deals. Free shipping and/or specials will improve your odds of converting the customer.

I've put in some links below to some great examples of landing pages that follow the tips I talked about above. I would love to help you create one, just email me!!

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