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Facebook is by far the largest and most complex social media platform. From simple posts to business pages, you can build a social media empire on Facebook. (Some smaller brands even use a Facebook business page in lieu of a website because it’s free – while we don’t recommend this, it’s certainly something to consider when thinking about Facebook’s capabilities.) Facebook is also the original social media platform, and therefore it has the most widespread adoption. While it’s less popular with the very youngest demographics, a large portion of those ages 30+ are active on Facebook, including many seniors. Facebook is also different from Instagram and TikTok in that it has a web interface as well as an app, so it can be used by more people who don’t own smartphones, similar to Twitter.

Note - As of November 2021, the average organic reach for Facebook is 5.2% of your total followers. Use custom audiences and low budgets to strategically push your posts to increase reach and engagement!

Posting on Facebook

Facebook enables you to post text, images, videos, and links to other websites or content. Your business page can also host your store hours, location, and updates. Most successful posts contain both text and an image or graphic. Facebook posts can link to external content much easier than other apps, so take advantage of the fact that you can use a post to send people directly to your website, blog, or Youtube channel.

Facebook has a few fun features, like Polls, where you can get input from your followers. Be creative with your posts, and use Facebook to cross-promote your content on different platforms. If you publish an in-depth guide to something once a month, link to it on your Facebook.

Interacting on Facebook

Facebook thrives on comments, likes, and shares. Some videos that go viral have hundreds of thousands of comments and thousands of shares. As with other social media platforms, take time to interact with your followers by responding to their comments and messages. Facebook is a bit more one-sided than other platforms when it comes to businesses, which means you interacting with others not on your page isn’t quite as helpful as it is on Instagram or Twitter, but it still helps to put your page out there and find potential clients.

Facebook for Retail Jewelers

Treat your Facebook page as a secondary website: fill it with posts, products, links, and videos related to your store. Here are a few ideas for some posts on Facebook:

  • This or That Poll: post two photos of your products and see which your audience prefers – there might be a clear winner, or you might find your followers are split down the middle!

  • Educational Content: educational content that is useful, easily digestible, and interesting gets shared more often. Videos or photos of your jewelers hard at work or process videos that demonstrate how something gets made or repaired at your store are fun ways to engage your audience and show them what you do every day!

  • Store Updates: remind customers that you’ll be open later during the holiday season or closed for Thanksgiving with a simple text-only Facebook post.

Get creative with your posts, and remember that posts that have people as well as merchandise always perform better. While it’s easy to post links to products on your website, the posts that will gain you the most attention are those that line up with your overall content strategy and themes.

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