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Facebook (Meta) Organic Reach 2022

We've all known since 2012 that organic reach on Facebook has plummeted, going to less than 20% of your followers and audience nearly overnight.

But what are the current 2022 organic reach numbers for Facebook?

According to research by We Are Social, pages with fewer than 10,000 fans can expect up to 0.29% engagement with their page posts. Larger pages with more than 100,000 fans can expect up to 0.05% engagement.(Article linked below)

That's very interesting. While Facebook and Facebook Messenger are still two of the top social platforms and two of the most downloaded apps with a large audience base, their organic opportunities have become nearly nonexistent.

So what role does Facebook have for jewelry in 2022? How can you best take advantage of the opportunities Facebook presents?

Create (Multiple) Targeted Ads. Custom audiences for different buying groups, interest groups, and locations, with ads specific to them. Carousel ads followed by video ads perform the best, linked directly to product or category pages.

Create and Upload Video. Video has a higher engagement rate on both Facebook and Instagram, and can be repurposed from your brand's TikToks you've been creating (the social platform with the largest organic reach).

Use Messenger. Customer service and clienteling is very important, and while your Facebook page may not be a destination people visit, having Messenger set up and linked to your campaigns can work just as well as Clientbook or Podium on your website).

How will your business be taking advantage of Facebook in 2022? Send me a message on FB Messenger!

(To summarize the article, the top way to get free Facebook followers is to use the Invite to Follow feature, but it does have a daily limit on number of invites you can send to friends and family.)

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