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Google Ads - Call Only Ads - 2022 Edition

Have you heard about Call Only Ads? We've all seen them, but many businesses aren't using them yet.

A Call Only ad is when someone searches on their mobile phone, and an ad with your business name, your headline and value proposition, and your phone number appear, enticing people to call your store directly.
These types of ads can be very powerful and cost effective, often with a far less cost per click than traditional Search ads.

With Call Only ads, you don't need to ask each caller how they found you. Often their answers will be a generic "I googled" or "I heard about you somewhere", but with Call Only Ads you'll have a record of them calling and when. When using a Google Forwarding Number or a service like CallRail, you'll even have access to location and other data from their carrier, and if the customer writes the number down but calls it from a different phone later that week, they will still be tracked and properly attributed.

Some of the best ways we've found how to use Call Only ads are through service appointments (repairs in particular), brand names searches, competitor name searches, and other times a potential customer just wants to talk to someone at a business over the phone.

They're a great option for booking more appointments and keeping your phone staff busy with inquiries and future clienteling!

If you aren't running Google Call Only Ads for your store, we'd highly suggest it. Send me a message if you're interested in setting up Call Only ads for your store!

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