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Google Ads - Should you pause campaigns?

#marketingminute! Google Ads edition (and Bing Ads, if you use them).

Never pause or turn off a Google Ads campaign or ad group you may turn back on in the future.

Why? Because all campaigns have trial periods where Google does a lot of machine learning behind the scenes as it launches and optimizes the campaigns, and that learning and data goes away and resets to zero when you pause or turn off a campaign.

If an ad campaign is not performing well, there's many ways to optimize it: audience targeting, landing page, key phrases, times of day, messaging in the ad, negative key phrases...actual searcher intent for the phrase being searched, etc.

But what should you do instead of pausing or turning off an ad?

Set the budget to $0.01 - $0.05. Setting a budget that low is far, far below the average competitive bid and in 99% of the cases will not spend a single cent.

The campaign will still be running, but won't be delivering, or costing you money. You will not lose what Google has already done, and won't have to go through a new learning phase when you adjust, edit the ads, audit the key phrases, etc.

Never, ever plan on returning to that Ad Group or Ad Campaign? By all means, pause away!

If you have any other questions regarding your Google Ads campaigns or are looking for a partner to manage your campaigns, email us at!

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