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Illumix AR Try-On

Illumix creates Augmented Reality (AR) try-on links for customers to be able to try your products on from the comfort of their own home, and have been adopted by such brands as Mejuri & Kwiat. The link that is generated for a product can then be added to your product.

Try out the test demo link:

View the test product with try on link in the description:

There are currently two methods for adding your AR Try-On link to your products: API and Manual.

API Connection

The API Connection method is a great method for adding bulk amounts of try-on links to your products quickly.

Accessing Your Dashboard

Log in to your Illumix Dashboard by navigating to:

Connecting the API

Once inside you will see any active projects you are working on. Select API Credentials, and copy your API Key. Once copied, navigate to your SiteManager > Settings > Integrations.

Scroll down until you find the Illumix section. Paste your API Key information into the field, and then select the save button.

Manual Uploading

Accessing Your Dashboard

Log in to your Illumix Dashboard by navigating to:

Select “Add Product” to upload individually or “Import” to upload en masse.

Adding a Product

Select the category type for your product so that the AR set up works correctly.

Fill out the Name and SKU number for the product and set it’s visibility.

Finally, complete the fields to finish the product set up.

Illumix supports .glb and .png file types

Adding the Try-On Link to Your Product

After the link for the product has been generated, navigate back to your product in your SiteManager by logging in > Commerce > Jewelry. Find your product and then select Edit Product.

Embed your product in the product description by using a simple <a> tag or just copy the snippet below and add your product link. Note: In SiteManager product descriptions, <a> tag hrefs don't require quotation marks.

 <br><br> <a target=_blank href=>Try it on!!</a>

Test what the finished product looks like by viewing it on the front end of your site by simply clicking your product’s name in the title. Try Mine On!

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