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Increase Instagram Clicks - Use Linktree in Profile

Today's #MarketingMonday is focused on how you can use Instagram and online social media links better.

Instagram has announced that there are no new plans to develop an iPad app. No surprise there, as iPads are used by less than 5% of online searchers, and Mobile is used by over 98% of Facebook and Instagram users. Learn more here -

So it looks like Instagram will still be primarily managed through mobile phones.

Kind of annoying how Instagram only has the one link at the top of your profile, right?

So what can we do to improve your Instagram to website clickthrough rate on mobile?

Use Linktree.
Linktree is a free service that replaces your Instagram URL with a custom link to all of your other URLs. It's very popular in influencer, social ecommerce, and brand accounts!

How do we recommend you set Linktree up? Start here:

  • First Link - Your top selling category ("Shop STORENAME Engagement Rings")

  • Second Link - Your Top selling ecommerce product (go directly to it, use the product name)

  • Third Link - Visit Your Jewelry Store (contact/directions page)

  • Fourth Link - Schedule a Service ("Name)" Appointment

  • Fifth Link - Visit My Jewelry Wishlist

Start there. Leave the links AS IS for at least 2-4 weeks. Keep posting on social media 3-5x a week organically, different posts, with 5-7 relevant hashtags in the first comment of the post (not in the post itself).

And at the end of every post? "Click on STORE NAME's links on profile."

If you're interested in how Punchmark can help you grow your paid social advertising, let's connect in the next few weeks!

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