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Navigating in PageBuilder

PageBuilder uses specific terminology to refer to different aspects of the application. Navigating successfully through your pages and communicating efficiently with your Account Manager relies on understanding of the following terms:

Breadcrumbs are found at the top of the page (above the Stage). Breadcrumbs are a very efficient way to navigate between the different levels of your page.

The sidebar menu is where you will find the controls to customize your page. Most of the information in this knowledgebase details the options in the sidebar menu.

The Page icon (see image on left) shows you the PageBuilder menu. From here, use Breadcrumbs or the Stage to navigate to different levels of PageBuilder.

The hamburger menu (see image on right) gives you access to all of SiteManager. If you need to update your branding or store information, see a list of all your pages, or change your default colors, use this menu.

The stage is a visual representation of your site. This is where you will see your changes appear. You can type directly onto the stage in textbox elements, but most other adjustments will take place in the sidebar.

A dropdown refers to any clickable element that expands when selected.

There are two layers of dropdown menus in PageBuilder. The first is the function dropdown. These are denoted by ^ and v carats.

The second is the selector dropdown. Very often selector dropdowns appear as textboxes with a + on the right-hand side. Once clicked, you will see a list of options.

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