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November 2021

Maximizing Your Omni-Channel Experience This Holiday Season

Written by Ross Cockerham, CEO & Co-Founder

As we ramp up this holiday season, we should think about two things: being more human on the website and being more digital in the store. Adopting this state of mind can be the thread that stitches together your website experience to your in-store experience, resulting in more sales. In fact, a recent study in cosmetics has shown that people who shopped online and in-store have spent three times more than those who shopped exclusively in-store or online only.

Perhaps you can set up a kiosk or tablet in your store where people can browse or search for jewelry—even if it simply shows the products page on your website with product filters. If you have Edge EDT, let customers know that by adding an item to their wish list in your store, they can then view that same wish list online, and add more items on their own time. Be sure to ask if they've visited your pages on social media, and tell them about the live auctions you have, or any other online-only events that you may be facilitating.

When customers visit your website, engage them with the chat feature as much as possible. Talk to them as if you're right there, shopping alongside them. Give them an authentic, human experience, and show them that you care about the pair of earrings they're asking about. Ask them when their wife's birthday is. If they say September, ask them if they knew that sapphire is her birthstone, then maybe share a link to a pair of sapphire earrings in the same price point of the ones they're looking at. Then reaffirm how much their wife is going to love them - just as you would do in person.

These small touches are always effective in the store, but when applied to a website, they can transform a customer's experience from clinical to human. Give people all the reasons to shop with you by connecting all the dots for them, letting them buy as much jewelry as they desire—and more.

Wishing you tons of success this holiday season, way beyond what you thought was possible.

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