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Other Social Outreach Strategies

Social media and email campaigns are two of the biggest strategies to engage with an audience, but there are other outreach strategies that you can consider to add to your business. We won’t go in-depth on any of these, but when coming up with your marketing strategy, do a bit of research into anything that seems engaging. If you find yourself interacting with any of the following mediums, that might be a good place to start. Each of the following strategies requires a certain level of technical skill, but if you like the concept, it’s easy to find freelancers or professionals who can assist with the execution.


Surely you’ve heard of our podcast, In the Loupe? We use it to answer questions and address topics about digital marketing for retailers (and specifically retail jewelers), especially those running small businesses. While yes, we did start it as a fun project, it’s been great for client education and has helped us grow as a brand.

If you’re not familiar with podcasts, they’re audio-only information, similar to a radio broadcast. The term “podcast” is a portmanteau of the words “iPod” and “broadcast” from around 2004, when iPods were first starting to gain popularity. Podcasts can be about any topic in any format: some have just one host, while others have multiple; some podcasts are interview-based, while others are mostly monologues. In the Loupe has multiple hosts, and some episodes are interviews, while others are conversations between the hosts about topics they are experts in.

Retail jewelers can use podcasts to their advantage. If you decide you want to host a podcast, you can do anything from interviewing custom jewelry clients about their choices and experiences to talking to local artists about what inspires them in their work. If hosting your own is a bit too much work at the moment, consider finding someone who is already running a podcast and asking if they’d like to interview you. You can even offer a discount for the podcaster’s listeners. It’s a good way to grow your client base by leveraging someone else’s.

Want to be featured on In the Loupe? Contact us! We’d love to chat.

Online Courses and Downloads

Online courses are a phenomenal way to make passive income while providing your clients with actionable knowledge. Of course, you can make them free, too, in exchange for someone’s email address, with the understanding that they will start receiving email marketing from your store.

An online course can be anywhere from 45 minutes to a few hours. They are generally pre-recorded so clients can watch at any time to gain more knowledge about the topic of your course. When choosing a topic, think about what your store is an expert in and who your clients are. What questions do they ask? What areas would your clients enjoy knowing more about? And importantly, how can your clients use the information you’re sharing?

Courses don’t have to be aimed at just clients, either. If you have any special areas of expertise, such as restoring vintage jewelry, or you have an MBA and are finding your business degree very helpful while running your store, consider marketing your online courses to other retails around the world.

A similar concept in a slightly different format, downloadable content (usually in PDFs) doesn’t require any video editing. You can put together a short guide or e-book and sell it on your website or provide it as a free resource in exchange for someone’s email address.

Webinars and E-vents

Webinars are similar to courses but they generally take place live over platforms like Zoom. They are also intended to provide educational resources, but because they are live events, you have the added bonus of audience participation. Including a Q&A session at the end of your presentation or accepting questions throughout your presentation are great ways to encourage meaningful interactions.

E-vents (virtual events) can function like webinars, or they can be more casual. Perhaps you used to host sip-and-shops in your store but parking has been terrible lately and you’re seeing less participation in in-person events than you used to. Try moving the evening online; it’s cheaper for you, and easier for clients to attend even if they’re halfway across the country. E-vents are a fun way to form a community around your store, as well.

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