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Pinterest is more of a niche social media site, but we’re including it in this guide for a few particular reasons. Pinterest is like a digital pinboard; it allows users to create multiple boards that they can use to organize images and websites by theme, “mood,” or genre. Each post is called a “Pin.” Many users are young to middle-aged women who use Pinterest for everything from saving recipes they want to try to planning their dream weddings.

The biggest reason you, as a retail jeweler, might want to be on Pinterest is the wedding industry. Pinterest is almost entirely image-based, so many users (usually brides) create mood boards for their weddings. In fact, some vendors (florists, decorators, caterers, dressmakers) have come to expect brides-to-be to have Pinterest boards created before their consultations. These wedding boards give the vendors a better sense of the tone of the wedding, from colors to formality.

Many brides-to-be create their wedding Pinterest boards long before they’re even engaged. They often include image of their dream rings and dresses – and this is where you come in. Having a presence on Pinterest can help people all over the world discover beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands that are linked back to your store. It’s not a short-term strategy, but by putting your inventory on Pinterest as “pins,” you can reach more potential clients in one of your most profitable demographics.

Creating Pins

Each pin consists of an image, title, an optional short caption, and a link. Upload product images to Pinterest, and link them to the product on your website. It’s helpful if you categorize your account by creating your own boards. You can both put your products up and add pins from other accounts to encourage interaction and help you get discovered.

Interacting on Pinterest

Like most other social media sites, Pinterest also has likes and comments. You can use these features, though perhaps more important on Pinterest is the number of pins you create, share, and add to your boards. Instead of positing yourself as “just a jewelry store,” consider your place in the wedding world. If a bride-to-be sees a board titled “Romantic Countryside Wedding” and the images on that board – from dress to venue to flowers to rings – spark ideas, the whole board creates a vision. The bride can see herself getting married, wearing one of the rings on the page. Conversely, a Pinterest board of “Engagement Rings” really just looks like your website. It can still be helpful to attract new eyes on your products, but it’s a bit more sales-oriented and less social.

Pinterest for Retail Jewelers

Pinterest is fairly straightforward when it comes to posts; all you need to do is put up some of your products as pins and then interact on the site. Use good titles and hashtags to help others discover your content: specific, but not overly specific. And make sure your images are clear and visually enticing. Grainy, dark, or unclear photos won’t help you grow your Pinterest following.

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