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Privacy Policy

Watch the education video that covers the Privacy Policy interface in-depth here.

Every website that collects PII, or Personally Identifiable Information, should have a privacy policy. This means that if you allow customers to make purchases on your website or even have a simple sign-up for an email newsletter, you should have a privacy policy listed on your site. Generally, the privacy policy is found in the footer of your website.

Use the Privacy Policy section of the My Store tab to edit your store’s privacy policy. A default privacy policy is auto-populated for you.

An editing bar is available at the top of the text box. Use proper formatting, including headings, bullet points, and links where applicable, to make your privacy policy clear, concise, and easily read.

Note that if you are a Rolex vendor, you may need to add additional sections to your privacy policy to be in accordance with Rolex policies.

Dynamic Variables

There are a few snippets of text you can insert into your privacy policy page to show current configuration information such as your store address. We do this so that in the chance that you ever update that value, it is automatically updated on all pages containing it.

Address is a great example, if you use the dynamic variable for your stores location information, in the chance that one of your stores ever moves location, you can just updated your settings and your privacy policy will automatically show the new address without you having to manually update anything. Below is a list of the variables you can paste into your privacy policy.

All you need to do is copy and paste the ‘key’ (including the curly brackets) into the page content. If you save and open / refresh your privacy policy it should show the data associated with that key. For example {ADDRESS_TEXT} will be swapped out with the addressed to each of your stores on the front end when the page is loaded.




Prints the address info for all of your stores(locations)


If you have Rolex enabled this will print the Rolex privacy policy information


Your websites domain

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