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Return Policies

Use the Return Policies page under the My Store tab to specify your return, exchange, and refund policies. Watch the educational webinar that covers the Return Policies interface here.

Modifying Return Policies

Open the editor for each return policy by clicking on the policy name. Choose whether or not to display default return policies by toggling the “Visible” option. If you are in the process of revising current policies, we recommend setting the visibility to “No” so it does not display until you are satisfied with the wording of your policy.

Modify the return policy text using the text editor.

Select the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Add a Custom Return Policy

Use the editor on the right-hand side to add a new return policy section. Add a policy title and description, then click “Add Policy” to save your changes. Once you have made a new policy section, you can edit it following the steps above.

Remove a Custom Return Policy

Custom return policies can be removed within the policy editor. Click on the title of your custom policy to open the editor and use the “Delete” button to remove your custom policy. Note that while custom policies can be deleted, default policies cannot be deleted, only hidden.

Front End Display

Your settings for Returns will display on product details pages for applicable products.

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