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Search Operators

Hello there! It’s Monday - which means it’s time for a marketing minute. I wanted to share with the group today a little trick that might come in handy.

Did you know that there are search operators you can use when doing a Google search that help you filter the results?

These operators allow you to filter the search results depending on what operator you use. I find myself using these every day, especially when I’m working on SEO strategies for my clients. This leans more on the “intermediate” skill set but it can be very helpful!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Site: operator

A site colon search allows me to see what pages will look like in the search results. It’s a quick way to look at metadata for any site. All you have to do is put “site:” in front on a website URL and complete the search in Google. Check it out for your own website! This helps me determine whether a client really needs to take a look at their metadata. Meta data is so important because it’s what’s going to entice potential users to click on your landing page.

Location operator

This helps you filter results for a specific area. I am physically located in Charlotte so my search results are tailored to my local market. However, if I want to see what my results would look like if I were searching for jewelry stores located in…let’s say…chicago, I could use the location operator.

  • Example: loc:”chicago, il” jewelry store

If you’d like to learn more about search operators as well as a comprehensive list, see here: Pretty neat, huh?

Any questions on how you can use search operators feel free to list below.

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