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Shipping Settings

The Shipping tab controls the options your clients see at checkout. If you have e-commerce enabled on your site, you will need to add a minimum of 1 option.

Adding a Shipping Option

To add a new shipping option, select the “Add” button in the top left-hand corner of the page. Enter the title (this is what customers will see at checkout), description, base price, maximum subtotal, and threshold at which a client can get free shipping on this option (i.e. orders over $500 get free 2-day shipping).

Enable whether or not you will accept international orders using this option by toggling the “International” setting. You can also set a separate international shipping cost.

Set your arrival window (in days) for checkout using this option. The arrival window is calculated after you have processed the order and should only reflect the time it will take for the purchase to be with the carrier in transit. For quick turnaround orders, you can set cutoff times for each day of the week.

Underneath cutoff times, you will see two checkboxes for Base Price and Ignore Availability.

Editing a Shipping Option

To edit an existing shipping option, select the “View” button to the right of the shipping option you wish to edit. Make your changes, and select the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to confirm your edits.

Removing a Shipping Option

To remove a shipping option, select the “Delete” button to the right of the shipping option you wish to remove. You will be prompted to confirm your choice.

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