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Shipping Information

Modify your store’s detailed shipping information on this page. Note that this page changes the copy that guests see but does not actually update your shipping options. To update your shipping options at checkout, use the Shipping tab under Settings on SiteManager.

Watch the educational webinar that covers the Shipping Information interface in-depth here.

Modifying Shipping Information

By default, you will see 3 sections:

  • Shipping Destinations

  • Complimentary Shipping

  • Shipping Methods

Modify each section by clicking on the title to expand the editor. Within the editor, you can choose whether you would like this section to be visible to clients on your website and edit the displayed copy. The default copy is auto-generated from information on your Shipping Options page.

After you have made all the changes you wish to make, save your changes using the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

Adding a New Section

If you wish to add a new shipping information section, use the editor on the right-hand side of the stage. Provide a title and description for this section, and click “Add Shipping Information” to save your new section.

Front End Display

Your front end shipping information will dynamically display on product details pages, labeled Shipping.

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