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Brand Subscriptions

To view all product pages and product lines for many kinds of vendors, navigate to Brands > Subscriptions

On this page, select the “Subscribe” button for any of the brands. This will send a message to the vendor. When the vendor approves the subscription, you’ll receive an “Action Required” email message. 

Login to your account, navigate to Brands > Subscriptions, and click the red “Setup” button.

To edit a brand subscription, locate the brand in the list and select the “Edit” button.

Browse through each of the sections on the brand page and make changes to any of the settings:

  • Brand Information: Upload a brand image and edit general information about this brand or collection. Enter a Title, upload a Logo, and edit the brand description in the Write Up field.

  • Brand Sample Images: Upload and edit the sample images that will appear on the Brand page.

  • Brand Settings: Edit the settings associated with this brand. Choose the landing page for this brand, and uncheck any of the boxes for specific settings that you don’t want to affect the brand page.

  • Meta Information: Edit the meta information for the brand landing page. Default values will be generated if you should choose to leave these fields blank.

When you are done, scroll to the bottom and select “Create Brand.”

Viewing the Brand Page

To view the products list for this brand, scroll to the bottom and click the View Products button. To view the brand page, scroll to the bottom and click the View Brand Page button.

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