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Click Home > Tickets to access the Tickets feature. On this page, you can create new support tickets, view a list of existing tickets, view ticket details, and cancel a pending ticket.

Create a new ticket

Click the New Ticket button to display the new ticket page. Choose a Category and also a User Email address. Enter a Subject and a Description. If possible, include a screenshot that has been saved as an image file. Click the Browse button to locate the file. Finally, click the Create Ticket button to save the ticket and return to the Tickets page.

View a ticket

To view a ticket, click the View button to display the detail page. Click the Back to Manage My Tickets link in the upper-left corner to return to the Tickets page.

Cancel a ticket

To delete a ticket, click the Cancel button and then click Yes in the popup window to confirm.

To cancel multiple tickets, check the box for each ticket and then click the Cancel button at the top of the list.

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