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TikTok is the most recent social media app to gain a popular following and wide user base. TikToks are short videos, mostly under a minute but usually around 30-45 seconds. TikTok users fall into a much younger demographic, between the ages of 12-36 on average. It’s a great way to bring some humor into your brand and attract a younger audience. Like all platforms, TikTok has its quirks. One thing that’s really popular on TikTok is posting “dance” videos or “song” videos that encourage other users to learn the dance or song and then post their own version. It is by far a more comedic platform than Facebook or Instagram, and the levity makes it a fun platform to be part of.

TikTok is good for your marketing strategy if you’re hoping to attract younger clients. It excels in suggesting videos that each user might like, so your videos have a better chance of reaching a larger audience. It can work for both direct and indirect marketing, but it’s best suited for creating brand recognition and loyalty.

This episode of In the Loupe discusses TikTok in-depth and provides some prompts to get started with.

Creating Good TikToks

TikTok is currently an app-only platform. You can film videos within the TikTok app, or you can film them on your phone and import them. Use the in-app editor to stitch together sections of videos, add music, text, effects, and voiceovers to create a micro-video. There are many ways to craft an engaging TikTok, so take the time to watch some to get ideas before you start making your own.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when filming and editing your videos:

  • Don’t try to do too much with one video. Each video should be about a specific subject. Don’t try to cram too much in.

  • Focus on your voice, not your pitch. TikTok is used primarily for entertainment, so try to keep your salespitches to a minimum. Instead, focus on showcasing your brand voice and personality. It’s okay if not every post is about jewelry, but each video should still be relevant to your store.

  • Use hashtags. Hashtags help your videos get discovered. Pick a few that work for you and use them in each video. Don’t forget to give your video a short caption. Short and sweet (1-5 words plus an emoji or two) is common.

  • Play with TikTok features. TikTok offers some unique capabilities, such as “Duets,” where you can edit yourself in next to another user’s video, and the “Stitch” feature, which lets you add on to someone else’s video. Not only do these help you interact with other users, but they are easy ways to produce ideas for content.


Since all you need to use TikTok is a phone with a camera and a bit of time to figure out how to use each feature effectively, the biggest investment of marketing on TikTok is taking the time to create your content. TikTok enables you to create “Playlists,” so if it’s easier for you to think of your content in categories, use that to your advantage. Create 4-5 categories of content, from education to fashion.

Our best advice for coming up with ideas is to spend some time on the app! See what other people are posting and take notes of the videos you enjoy the most. You may find that when you have fun creating content, it doesn’t feel like work, and you’re more likely to keep doing it and find success.

Interacting on TikTok

Like other platforms, TikTok has features for comments and likes. Interacting with other user’s videos by adding comments and likes will help other people find yours. TikTok also has a unique feature that enables you to make a video reply to a comment. So if someone comments on your video and says, “I love this piece! Where can I find it?” you can make a response video featuring that user’s comment and educating your whole platform on how to shop your online site or where to find your store.

Like Youtube, TikTok is best for indirect marketing. Instead of showing off products and telling viewers where to buy them, think about building your brand and personality.

TikTok for Retail Jewelers

Bite-sized videos are easily viewed by thousands of people, but converting on those videos requires more than one good sales pitch (even if it does go viral!). Here are some ideas of ways you can use TikTok to market your store:

  • Process Videos: everyone loves to see how things are made. If you do custom jewelry, show the process from start to finish. It’ll help educate potential buyers on what they can expect if they do get custom jewelry from you, too.

  • Styling Videos: fashion is big on TikTok. Show your jewelry in a day-to-night setting or how you style stackable rings and bracelets to get exposure for your products.

  • Gemstone Education: if you have a variety of lesser-known gemstone jewelry, post videos explaining why it’s special, where it’s from, and the pros and cons. While most people know about rubies and sapphires, fun (and generally more affordable) pieces featuring moonstone, lapis lazuli, peridot, tourmaline, and others will prompt curiosity.

  • Staff Features: show off your staff with fun dance videos, silly pranks, their favorite pieces, or anything else they can think of! Use social media to let their personalities shine and show your followers that they’re interacting with real people.

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