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Imagine Twitter as a public text message: posts are short and to the point. Tweets (the posts you make on Twitter) are often only 1-2 sentences, accompanied by an image or video. Each tweet is limited to 280 characters. You can also add emoji, links, and hashtags, or you can tag other accounts. Twitter excels in short-form content, which is easily digestible in a matter of seconds.

You can use a Twitter account to attract customers from all over the world using a smart hashtag strategy and incorporating Twitter’s strengths into your marketing strategy. Many people use Twitter for the news, whether that’s a 24-hour pop-up sale at their favorite store or updates on current events. Unlike platforms like Youtube and Pinterest that are good places for evergreen content, tweets are only relevant for a very limited amount of time. Twitter is good for direct marketing and timely updates.

Elements of a Tweet

Tweets are composed of a few different components. These elements can be used separately or all together in the same tweet.

  • Text: a foundational aspect of a tweet. Your text should provide context and tell your followers why you’re posting, whether that’s to advertise a sale or celebrate a team member’s birthday.

  • Links: help people find your website, products, blog, or anything else important to you. Most tweets include only one link, and it should be clear to followers where the link will take them.

  • Tags: use the '@' symbol to tag anyone with a Twitter account. You can tag brands, partner jewelry stores, or events that have their own Twitter handle (account) such as trade shows.

  • Hashtags: anything following the hash symbol '#' is a searchable word. Generally, use 2-5 hashtags that are highly relevant to your tweet.

Here is an example of a tweet that incorporates each element on a separate line:

The jewelry store (14 Karat in Omaha) is showcasing their collection of earrings with an image and caption. They provided a link (see notes below), and tagged the earring brand, Gabriel and Co NYC. They included 3 hashtags to help people find this post. You can see that #FineJewelry is in bold, because that was the search term used to find this particular tweet.

This post would have been more successful in encouraging followers to shop the store’s earring collection if they had been clear about where the link took them and included a call to action. We can infer that the link would take us to their website to shop, but it’s unclear if that’s what will happen.

While each tweet is limited to 280 characters, only 1% of tweets actually use all 280. Most tweets are below 140 characters. Think of each tweet as a headline: what is the most important information you want to get across to your followers?

When creating links, each letter or number counts against your character limit. Long links can also distract from your content. Long links can be shortened using or other link-shortening apps.

Anthropologie uses multiple images to show off their product collection and follows up with a link.

Interacting on Twitter

Use Twitter to interact with your favorite brands and customers to get more eyes on your content and your site. There are many ways you can use Twitter’s features to promote your own content and help new followers discover you.

Interacting within Your Content

Using appropriate hashtags and tagging other accounts are both ways you can interact within your own posts. If you post an image from a specific brand, tag them! Give credit to accounts or brands that inspire you. When using hashtags, choose hashtags that people are actively using.

If followers comment on your tweets, you can (and often should) respond to them. Especially if they have questions, you can publicly answer them, since many others may have the same questions. For personal matters, consider direct messaging each client.

Interacting with Other Content

In addition to your own content, you can like, comment, or “retweet” other content. Love a post from a brand you stock? Retweet it to your own follower base, and let them know you have inventory from this brand. Like all social media, take a few minutes every day to interact with other content on the platform. Each time you follow a new account, be sure to interact with a few of their most recent tweets.

We Rate Dogs takes a lot of time to respond to comments on their tweets. They also give a bit of customer service help publicly in case others have the same question.

If your clients are on Twitter, encourage them to post a picture and tag you in it so you can retweet it. If they’re on social media, most clients are more than happy to do so.

Twitter for Retail Jewelers

Twitter is a great source for up-to-the minute information about you and your store. It’s useful to promote events, sales, and new product drops. Have exciting news about a new location or staff member? Tweet it! Here are some ideas for ways you can use Twitter to market your brand:

  • New Product Drops: if you get a new product line, limited edition product, or open up pre-orders for diamond sourcing trips to Antwerp, tweet an image or video to let everyone know! Make sure you tag the brand – they might retweet you!

  • Other long-form content: since Twitter is fairly ephemeral and short-form, use it to promote your long-form content (Youtube, blog posts and guides, etc.). You can get more eyes on the content that took you longer to produce by leveraging Twitter’s linking capabilities.

  • Store events: everything from last-minute registrations for Ladies' Night to holiday sales to announcing a team member’s birthday can go on your Twitter. Always provide a link and CTA if you hope to get more sign-ups or sales. Use Twitter for holiday hours reminders, too!

  • Fun facts: remember that not all social media has to be all business, all the time. Use your Twitter account to post fun facts about jewelry, diamonds, and gems, that will intrigue your followers and prompt questions and engagement.

Twitter is a great resource if you figure out how to leverage its timeliness. What you tweeted last week probably won’t be seen today, so post at least once a day to keep the conversation going.

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