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Understanding Google Analytics 4 and Google's "New Tag" Email

Update April 2022 - The day has come! Google Analytics Universal will stop collecting data on July 1, 2023. Learn more about what this means for your jewelry store and online business.

Have you received this email?

What you are currently using. Right now, most websites have Google Analytics Universal installed. This is the version of GA that everyone has been using since 2013, and remains very popular in all industries.

What Google is recommending. In Oct 2020, Google released Google Analytics 4. It is remarkably different, getting rid of several outdated metrics such as "bounce rate". Basically, it's an entirely different approach and mindset to looking at Analytics, and "in the future" may end up being more powerful. 

Will Google force you off Universal and on to GA4? No. Not yet at least. Google may in the future but has not said when. However, GA4 is the version that Google now defaults to when someone sets up a brand new Analytics account, so it may be coming in the next few years.

What Punchmark recommends. Run both Google Analytics Universal and Google Analytics 4 at the same time! They were designed to do so at this point, and provide different sets of data to the person reading them. 

How do I upgrade from Google Analytics Universal to Google Analytics 4? 

Here's the steps! Google thankfully is very easy using their wizard.

First, log into your Google Analytics account, and go to Admin in the bottom left corner.

Then, click the GA Setup Assistant. The following screen will load.

Next, follow the steps listed, and Create Property.

Finally, you will be connected!

The day after setup, log into your Google Analytics 4 account and verify that data is flowing. If you need to install a new tag on your Punchmark website, please open a ticket and include the code and any relevant instructions Google offers. There’s no rush, as you will still be collecting data using your Google Analytics Universal account, and not missing out on anything important in Google Analytics 4 yet.

Want to learn more about Google Analytics 4? Here are some incredible resources:

Google’s YouTube Channel - Walkthrough of the Google Analytics 4 User Interface

Loves Data YouTube Channel - Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Tutorial 2021

Google Analytics Support - Meet the new generation of Google Analytics

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