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Unique Design Trends of 2021

People seemed to like my last post where I shared my thoughts on current design trends so let’s do that again!

Unique Design trends of 2021

Gaussian blur

This soft focus is beautiful and definitely eye catching with an atmospheric feel. I love it paired with the bold modern serif!


I’m sure you've been to a site recently that tells a story as you scroll down. This type of visual storytelling hooks you into the narrative. This could work perfectly for a custom landing page or for your about page!

Dark mode

More and more designers are embracing dark designs. It sets the perfect stage for your jewelry, type or design elements.

Inspired by print

Digital replaced so much of print but I’m glad to see the aesthetic making its way back. Beautiful print inspired layouts can still be created on your website. Precise typography and a magazine layout can still give you the print experience and tactile feeling of print on paper.

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