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Utilizing Customer Data for Digital Marketing

Are you using customer lists and custom audiences on Facebook for advertising?

While there are different ways of creating custom audiences on Facebook/Instagram, today I wanted to highlight utilizing a customer list.

Did you know if you have the email or phone number of business prospects you can upload that list via Facebook and use it for targeting purposes? Once this list is uploaded Facebook will then match their information to the correct users on their platform allowing you to target ads to them directly! Whether people have:

  • Subscribed to a newsletter

  • RSVP’ed to an event

  • Added an item to their wishlist

  • Inquired about a product

  • Purchased from you in the past

There’s a lot of great ways to splice this data into effective marketing. You can start thinking of a few creative ways to utilize this by asking yourself a couple questions. Try some of these to get yourself started:

  • Am I running any promotions around specific brands?

  • Do I have any upcoming trunk shows?

  • Did I get new inventory from a brand that’s popular that I want to push?

  • Do I want to run a promotion for loyal/returning customers?

With your customer data at your fingertips it’s easy to see the possibilities for social ad campaigns. Wishlist data, product inquiry data, newsletter subscriptions, prior purchase history, email lists… if you have it, you can use it!

How would you use this information to target people online? I’d love to hear your feedback! If you have any questions feel free to put them below.



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