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Core Widgets

The core widgets are the simplest, most fundamental widgets you can put on your page. These are text- and image-based elements that you can use as headers, banners, and info sections and to display information on your site in a clear and concise layout.

Types of Core Widgets

The three types of fundamental widgets are:

  • Basic Widgets - image and/or text

  • Text Overlays - text on top of an image, graphic, or video

  • WYSIWYG - what-you-see-is-what-you-get

Basic and text overlay widgets are the simplest types of widgets to start with, but they can be highly customized within the widget and element settings. WYSIGWYs do not have the same interface within the element level, but they are similar on the widget level.

These basic widgets do not have any special functions other than what is already outlined at the widget level.

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