Product variations are a handy way to link two or more products together that are similar but have key variations that are important to shoppers. The variations that are able to be linked are:

  • Metal Type

  • Carat Weight

These products must have different SKUs but the same Variation ID. This will make these items show up in each other's dropdown menu on product details pages.

Note: Edge items who already have something in their "Vendor Style" field will overwrite anything added into the Variation ID field via SiteManager.

Creating the Variations

Navigate to the Manage Jewelry page by logging into SiteManager > Commerce > Jewelry. Select the “Edit Product” button for the product you wish to create a variation for.

For the first product, select the check the Variation checkbox labeled “This product is a variation or has variations”. This will reveal a new field labeled “Variation ID”. Add a unique variation ID to this product and then Save your product.

On the second product, follow the same steps, and ensure you use the SAME Variation ID. Save your product.

Viewing the Variations

View your product variations on the front end by selecting the name of the product via the table. Here is the example product we looked at above.