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How to Get Started

The Premium Vendor Program is open to inquiries from any and all vendors in the jewelry industry who wish to allow retail jewelers to sell their products via e-commerce. There is a one-time $500 setup fee for joining the program. We try to make participation in this program as hassle-free as possible and are willing to assist with any questions you might have.

Importing Your Product Data

In order to get started, we’d like to get to know you and understand the products you offer. Please email and mention your interest in the program. We will then decide which method we should use to obtain your product data. There are a few different approaches we can take to access this data:

  • FTP access

  • An API endpoint

  • Emails

Ultimately, we need your product data in CSV or JSON format. No matter which way you choose to deliver this information, we need the data to include the required columns discussed in the Data Formatting article in order to properly import the data into our platform. If there are any errors in the data, we will reach out via email in order to attempt to resolve them.

Product data MUST include the required columns discussed in Data Formatting. If it does not conform to our requirements, your import will not create accurate products on retailer websites.

Approving Your Products

After we receive your product data, our development team will integrate this data into our platform. Your products will not be made available immediately; they will be hidden until you (the vendor) approves the style in which your products are represented. In order for you to see and approve your products, our development team will make a demo site specifically for your products. You are encouraged to thoroughly review all facets of this demo site to guarantee accuracy. The demo page will include your brand page and all of the products to be displayed on the retailers' e-commerce sites.

After you approve the demo site, we will then allow clients to see your name in their ‘Find Brands’ list. This will allow them to request a subscription to your product catalog as well as subscribe to your brand page.

Retailer Requests

Each time a retailer requests to use one of your brands, you will be notified via email and given the option to either approve or deny their request. Upon approval, the retailer will then immediately be able to install your products onto their site and start offering them for sale. We keep a record of each subscription request as well as all currently approved retailers. This data is available upon request.

Product Maintenance

Once your products are available to our clients, you will need to respond to retailer requests and update your product data with us as changes occur. Depending on the route you chose to deliver this data, you may or may not need to notify us of changes to your product catalog. Data deliveries via FTP with regular updates or API access will not require notifications; however, if you are sending data via email, you are required to email us each updated spreadsheet.

Notify Punchmark ASAP if anything changes in the way you structure your data.

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