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Program Overview

The Premium Vendor Program is a service that Punchmark offers to jewelry vendors. It will essentially allow for our website clients to request usage of a vendor's product catalogue, and upon approval from the vendor themselves, they will immediately have access to a standardized set of data curated by the vendor and Punchmark's development team. It can immediately open a new line of revenue for a vendor with each approved retailer.

This program also allows vendors to split their product data into different brands. If a vendor splits their products into different brands, this will not only allow better organization of products in large quantities, but will also allow more precise control over which products are allowed on retailers sites; a retailer must request subscription on the brand level, therefore if a vendor would like to only allow a particular brand on a retailers site instead of all of their products, they can simply only approve those brands. Brands are discussed more in-depth in the Brands, Collections & Permissions article.

In order to get started in the program, we simply need a dataset to ingest into our platform. There are a few ways to give us this data, and these methods are discussed more in-depth in the How to Get Started article.

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