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How to Issue a Refund for a Website Sale

Scenario: You need to refund your customer for a purchase made on the website and you go to your website to process the transaction. Great logic, WRONG place! is responsible for processing all refunds and orders and refunds must be processed on the website, not your website.

Please see the steps below for steps to follow to process a refund:

Step 1: Go to to process your refund

  • Log into your account

  • Go to Transaction Search > Select the date of transaction from the dropdown menu > click “search”

  • Click on the transaction ID of the order you want to refund and select “refund”

    • Please note that if you enter the customer’s email address into during the refund process, will send a transaction receipt to the customer

Step 2: Set Order Status in SiteManager to “Refunded”

  • Login into SiteManager and go to Commerce > Orders

  • Update the order status of the order you just refunded to “refunded” to let the customer know that you have begun processing their refund

Read additional refund information in’s knowledge base

If you have questions related to this topic that this article does not cover, reach out to your account manager via SiteManager > Home > Tickets or emailing

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