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My Files

In the main menu, select Content >  My Files to display a popup in which you can upload and view files, and also create and delete folders. These files are available in other features, such as editing pages or jewelry items.

In the Manage My Files popup window, the first thing to notice is the list of main folders along the left side.

These include:

  • Home

  • Image Library

  • Brand Assets

  • Custom Jewelry

  • Product Images

Select each of these folders to explore any assets within.

Add a Folder

To add a folder, select the name of the main folder under which you want to place the new folder. Enter the name of the folder and select the Add button. The new folder will appear in the Folders list.

Add a File to a Folder

Select the name of a folder, then select the Upload button to choose a file from your computer. Select the Open button to upload the file.

Delete a Folder

To delete a folder, select the small X next to the folder name.

Make sure that you want to delete the folder, since it will be unavailable after you perform this action.

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