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The Content section of SiteManager is an extremely robust menu of options that allows you to optimize your site with blogs and SEO and use marketing tools such as announcements and popups. It also offers you a way to access PageBuilder and build your perfect website, as well as access to FileManager.

The Content menu can be categorized in three parts: the building sections, the marketing sections, and the optimization sections.

  • The building sections include Home Slides and Pages and offer you a chance to control the structure of your website.

  • The marketing sections encompass Blogs, Store Events, Announcements, and Popups. These allow you access to many forms of marketing from SEO to email address collection.

  • The optimization sections include My Files (also referred to as FileManager), Redirects, and Image Optimizer, backend sections that are extremely useful for making your site run smoothly and load quickly.

You may not use the Content menu daily, but making a regular habit of updating your blog, announcements, and popups will drive customer engagement. When you begin building your website and setting up your marketing structure, it will help to be familiar with all of the options available to you.

Visit each of the following pages to learn how to set up and manage your website display:

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