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Page Level

This level is the largest and outer-most layer of granularity in PageBuilder. From here, you can add new sections or restore a backup of a page.

Add Sections

The Add Sections dropdown will show you how many sections are currently on the page. Add sections to your page by clicking and dragging the “New Section” onto your page.

By default, the new section will have one row and one column. If you would like to increase the number of rows or columns, increment the Row Count and Column Count. You will see the “New Section” visually change to show additional rows or columns.

Once you have the correct number of rows and columns, drag the new section to the place where you want your section to appear (i.e. in between existing sections or at the bottom).

Restore a Backup

If you would like to return to a previous version of your page, choose the version you want from the Restore Backup dropdown. Backups are automatically created anytime your page is saved (such as when you add a widget or section).

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