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Paid Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Paid digital marketing campaigns are one of the most effective ways you can bring new traffic to your website, and by extension, your store. They are also a highly efficient way of targeting both previous customers and customers who are interested in what you have to sell.

Why Digital?

Consider a roadside billboard: it advertises to everyone traveling on one particular road, whether they’re from five minutes away or across the country. Though you may reach a wide range of people, the audience is highly varied, and perhaps only a small percentage of them are interested in what you’re offering. An even smaller percentage will complete the action step of visiting your store, either online or in-person.

Conversely, digital ads will reach thousands of people, too, but they’ll reach thousands of people who have previously shown an interest in what you’re selling and are therefore more likely to buy. They’ll target specific demographics, instead of everyone driving a car down a major highway. And digital ads take away the hassle of remembering a name or phone number and take viewers directly to a website with the click of a button.

There are times where traditional marketing tactics are useful, but generally your marketing budget will go further using paid advertisements because your marketing is more specific.

Types of Paid Digital Marketing

In this section, we’re going to go over the basics of digital marketing using Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram ads, landing pages, and other social media ad strategies. Google and Facebook are the heavy hitters when it comes to paid ads.

Social media marketing targets social media users; you’ll only get people who use whatever platform you’re advertising on. They are visually appealing and generally more casual.

Google Ads are text-based ads that can appear for any search done using Google. They are useful not only for bringing more users to your website and specific landing pages but also for ensuring that traffic intended for your site gets there by showing up first on the SERP (search engine results page). Google Ads are also a way of ensuring viewers are shown the text you want them to see.

Another way of using paid marketing is with Influencers, which is covered in the Social Media and Digital Outreach section of this guide, as it overlaps with social media and paid digital marketing.

Paid Digital Marketing for Retail Jewelers

How can you use digital marketing to your advantage? It is a daunting topic if you lack knowledge of how the systems work. After all, digital marketing is a relatively new field, and best practices and capabilities seem to change every year. Keeping up is difficult.

Yet the benefits of being online far outweigh the costs. A single ad campaign on Facebook with a $10/day budget for 10 day can get over three thousand views. If you target your campaign to cater to those listed on Facebook as “engaged,” those three thousand viewers are all involved in the wedding-planning process and may be looking for wedding bands, bridesmaid gifts, and bridal jewelry. Even if only three of those three thousand viewers converts to a purchase, the $100 spent on the campaign has already paid for itself.

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