Product Images

There are two ways that images can be uploaded with Premium Vendor products:

  1. Provide URLs to the images in the image fields of your dataset

  2. Include filenames in the spreadsheet and send a folder of images in addition to the spreadsheet. If there is an exact match, our platform will add this image to our CDN (content delivery network) and service the images to the product they are attached to in the dataset.

Requirements for Images

Each product image should have:

  • A minimum of 600px by 600px

  • JPG or PNG format

  • Square dimensions

  • Perfectly white background

  • Sufficient whitespace between item and edge of image (~10% of the item width per side)

Brand Images

Whenever you setup a brand in our Premium Vendor program, we build you a brand page for our clients to use. The brand page displays a sampling of your products and is intended to showcase your brand’s style, look, and feel. We recommend sending five images for display on your brand page.

Requirements for Brand Images

  • In either PNG or JPG format

  • Must be 480 x 430 for PNG or 637 x 416 for JPG

Requirements for Brand Logos

  • In either PNG or JPG format

  • Must be 300 x 150