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Textboxes: Headers and Paragraphs

Textboxes are one of four types of elements. You can use text boxes to create both header and paragraph text on your pages.

Inserting Text

All widgets come pre-populated with default placeholder text. To enter your own unique text, click into the desired element. You can then edit the text on the Stage directly, or edit it from the sidebar Text dropdown.


Depending on whether you are altering paragraph or header text, your Style menu will have different options. All the paragraph and header styles are set in Design → Fonts and Design → Colors.

Paragraphs - Choose between normal, lead, and small paragraph text. Select additional font options (bold, italic, etc.), change the paragraph alignment, and select the paragraph color in each of the respective dropdown menus.

Headers - Specify your header style (from H1 to H6) and choose any additional styling options (bold, italic, etc.). Change the header alignment and select the color defaults your header should have in the respective dropdown menus.


Control the textbox spacing by adjusting the padding or margin.

Padding refers to the space between the element and the container size. This will widen or narrow the text within the text container.

Margin refers to the space outside the container size. This adjusts the space between the outside of the text container and the nearest elements.

You can edit both the padding and margins individually for mobile, tablet, and desktop views. Adjust the top, bottom, left, and right side by incrementing numerically. The default interval is 10 pixels. You can also enter custom padding and margin classes in the text box below the adjustment boxes.


Enter a custom header or paragraph CSS class in the advanced section.

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