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Vendor Dashboard

Your Dashboard will display most of the important information in your Portal.

Account Summary

Your Premium Vendor Status will display here. Your Premium Vendor Status is a reflection of whether your vendor account is marked as “Premium“ or not.

Possible Statuses

Active - Your account is a Premium Vendor account.

Inactive - Your account is not a Premium Vendor account.

Products Last Updated

The time and date of your most recent product update will display as processed by our system. Please note there may be a delay between when you send the your data and when it is processed.

30 Day Snapshot

These statistics represent how many Inquiries, Wishlist adds, and Orders have taken place with your products across all websites the last 30 days.

Inquiries: The number of instances a user inquired about one of your products on a subscriber’s website.

Wishlist adds: The number of instances a user added one of your products to their wishlist on a subscriber’s website.

Orders: The number of instances a user completed a checkout with one of your products in their cart on a subscriber’s website.

These statistics only take into account the products that were added to a website from your Premium Vendor catalogue and NOT any products that may have been added by a subscriber either manually or via the edge.

Vendor Portal Education

This will link to the Vendor Portal educational series. Punchmark plans to periodically add more videos to help Vendors learn how best to leverage the Vendor Portal. You can find the playlist here.

Read the Knowledge Base Manual

You are here. Select this at any time to return to the written knowledge base manual for the Vendor Portal.

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