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Vendor Portal

The Vendor Portal is considered to be in Beta, meaning that it was released in a limited capacity with plans to build upon it. We hope to release a solid foundation of what the full Portal will include in Early 2023. In the meantime, PLEASE send us feedback about what you like and dislike!

Tailored specifically to jewelry vendors, the Vendor Portal will provide greater insight into how vendor products are performing across all websites that they have been added to.

Accessing Your Portal

Vendors who have already been onboarded and added as a Premium Vendor should have received an email from Punchmark with their login credentials. Simply navigate to, select Vendor, and enter those credentials.

If you are having trouble logging in or cannot find your credentials, contact and request assistance.

Educational Videos

Punchmark will try to release one educational video surround best practices, the Portal, or data formatting every month for the first few months of release. The videos will be accessible via the Dashboard. View the video playlist here.

Send Us Feedback

We want to hear your feedback about the Vendor Portal.

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