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Youtube may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think “social media,” but since 2019 it has actually been the most-used social platform, surpassing even Facebook. Youtube’s rise demonstrates an interest and high engagement in video content and an increasing ability to access that video content from anywhere. Youtube specializes in long-form content, so you can host longer videos that capture viewer’s attention for more than a minute. (The opposite, short-form content, is generally a minute or less for video content. See TikTok.) Used correctly, your Youtube channel could attract thousands of visitors to your website.

Youtube is good for your marketing strategy if you are moderately comfortable with technology, including cameras and microphones. It is great for establishing the voice of your brand and expressing your opinions and producing educational content. It also works well as a form of indirect marketing.

Long-form Videos

Youtube is best for video content that is a minute or more, though most videos are at least three minutes and can be as long as you’d like (from 15 minutes to an hour or more). Often, Youtube videos are treated like presentations: you should have a general idea of what you’re going to say and do, and maybe even a script. There isn’t a “right” length for videos, so play around with a few different lengths to see what keeps your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Making Good Videos

Everyone has a different approach to making video content. Some are relaxed, while others are hyper-scripted. Some use top-of-the-line cameras and a bunch of studio lights, while others invest in a simple camera and use natural lighting. Some feature new people every video, while others have the same faces in each one. How you create your videos is entirely up to you.


You do not need to invest thousands of dollars into good video equipment, but you should have the following:

  • A good-quality microphone

  • A high-resolution camera (not a webcam!) or recent smartphone

  • A well-lit space or a few studio lights

  • Video-editing software

Many of these items can be purchased online or at electronics stores for a few hundred dollars. If you are comfortable editing your own videos, DaVinci Resolve offers a free version of their software, and Adobe Premiere is a low monthly cost. If you aren’t comfortable with video editing, find a video editor for the post-production process.

Remember that at the end of the day, you want to produce something that people will watch. While you’re not filming a blockbuster movie, your video and audio quality should be good enough that they are not distracting to viewers.


Think of your Youtube channel like a TV series. Recurring themes and people will help viewers connect with your brand. They’ll start to recognize the people on your channel and recognize what each host brings to the show, whether that’s a comedic aspect, in-depth knowledge, or a bubbly personality. On that note, videos with people in them tend to do best. Don’t focus so much on the products that your viewers don’t have a chance to get to know you.

When titling your content, don’t be afraid to get creative. Quirky and clever titles entice potential viewers to click on your content. Your titles should be intriguing enough to make viewers want to know more. Use the description section to add more links and details. Only add links and details to augment content that’s already in the videos.

Avoid “clickbait” titles (i.e. “Do THIS every day to lose 30 pounds in 10 days!!!”). These types of titles are perceived as spam or scams in most cases, and they can damage your reputation and lose valuable traffic to your channel.

Interacting on Youtube

Youtube allows you to like and comment on videos and subscribe to channels. In addition to prompting viewers to like, comment, and subscribe, you can send more viewers to your channel by commenting on other people’s videos. Videos with more interaction are shown more often in search results.

You can also prompt viewers to take actions outside of Youtube by providing links to your website, specific products, or blog, for example. Adding coupon codes or discounts in the video description is also a good way to send traffic to your website. Be sure to mention the discount in the video as well, since most viewers won’t read the comments unless prompted.

Youtube is good for indirect marketing. Instead of treating your videos like TV advertisements for your products, incorporating your products subtly (or maybe not even at all!) will make your videos less sales-pitch feeling and focus more on providing value to viewers. Brand recognition and loyalty goes a long way when viewers are ready to make a purchase.

Promote interaction on your Youtube channel by showcasing videos to your existing clients. Embed videos in newsletters, blog posts, guides, and landing pages that your current clients interact with regularly. Not all viewers need to be on the Youtube website to view your videos.

Youtube for Retail Jewelers

Long-form video content is great for helping your viewers and customers get to know you better. Here are some ways that videos might help you to grow your brand:

  • Educational content: provide videos instead of or in addition to text-based content (such as blogs and written guides). Topics like how to choose an engagement ring, gem and metal information, or how diamonds are graded are all areas you have niche expertise in.

  • Reviews: if you love a certain brand or there are new products in your store, consider doing a review. Instead of a video that compares one product or brand to a different one, highlight the features of one. Consider bringing in a model and showing how to style a certain piece.

  • Trip Recaps & Vlogs: does your store go on diamond-buying trips to Antwerp? Do you go to trade shows every year? Take a few videos that demonstrate the highlights of your trip and stitch them together for some travel-vlog-style content.

  • Store updates: some consumers would rather watch videos than read text. Create store updates every month or quarter and embed the videos in your newsletters.

Some of your content may be seasonal, and others evergreen. Creating a mix of the two will keep your channel relevant while providing you an archive of past content that you can link to again and again.

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