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POS Bi-Directional Integration

Integrate your website with the most popular retail jewelry point-of-sale system in existence. Punchmark utilizes the Edge EDT software to communicate bi-directionally with your in-store software.

Bi-directional communication

Not only will your website be updated by changes made in the Edge® software, but the opposite is also true. If changes are made to customer records on the website, your point-of-sale software will receive this data as well.

Customer wish list synchronization

Customers who've created wish lists in your store can go home and log in to your website and continue adding to the same list from the comfort of their home. The next time that customer returns to the store, those changes will also be reflected in your in-store software.

Repair status check

Your customers who have active repairs can check the status of their repair job from your website. Each response is customized based on the status information posted from your point-of-sale system.

How to Get Started

As an Edge® Certified Partner, the setup cost with Abbott Jewelry Systems is 50% off the $2,000 list price. Once you make the purchase they will provide you with the EDT program, which is an extension to the Edge® software that makes the website integration possible. There is also a monthly fee of $100 added to your Punchmark monthly service plan—unless you're already enrolled in either our Professional or Advanced service plan.

Next steps:

  • Let your Punchmark sales rep or customer success rep know that you'd like to get integrated.

  • Contact Abbott Jewelry Systems (The Edge®) and let them know you're interested in integrating your Punchmark website.

  • Install the EDT software on your in-store computer where the Edge® is installed.

  • Configure your settings and set up your category and vendor maps in SiteManager.

Learn more about the integration here.

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