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Sample Vendor Letter from Retailers

Dear (Vendor Name),

Our website is built by Punchmark, the leading provider of websites in the jewelry industry. Punchmark has created the Live Catalog Network, which is your access point to distribute your product data to all of your online retailer clients, including us. The platform makes it so that all of your products and assets are protected, and you can control which retailers have access.

By having accurate product information, we become more popular in search engines, and are considered more relevant by the consumer. A product itself also becomes more relevant, and when a consumer has all the information they need about a given product, this helps to create buying confidence. Most importantly, it increases the likelihood that they will make a purchase, and Punchmark has statistics on how relevant data has led to more sale conversions.

If this were up to us, it would take a very long time to enter all of your product data on our website. That's why Punchmark has centralized this process to help you supply what we need, while accomplishing a lot more in the process. There are hundreds of other retailers who can potentially benefit from your efforts, so you will be helping a lot of stores with just one import.

To get started, please contact Punchmark and they will be happy to get you set up as a Premium Vendor.

Punchmark Contact Information:

Kimberly Bottoms


(Your Name)


Below are some resources that can help you put together the data that is needed to get started with Punchmark’s Live Catalog Network. If you have any technical questions, please contact Garrett Simpson at the email address listed above.

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