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Your Customers tab in SiteManager is your customer database, a place where you can track detailed information about each client to better understand the needs of each individual and the community you serve.

You can use this section to help customers both in-store and online. Pulling up a customer’s information will give you access to their past purchases, birthday, marital status, recently viewed items, and wishlist items. Knowing what a customer is interested in and having personal information can give you valuable insights to better assist them and make their experience more personalized. In addition to the Customer List, you can also see client Wishlists and Reviews from previous purchasers. Use the Subscriber List to see who is subscribed to your email newsletters.

Customer information is imported and updated bi-directionally with The Edge POS system, if you use the Edge. Any changes you make to your customer information within The Edge will show up within your Punchmark Customers tab, and any changes made within your Punchmark Customers tab will automatically update within The Edge.

It is in your best interests to use the Customers List often. If you prefer to navigate this data using The Edge you may not use these pages as frequently.

Visit each of the following pages to learn how to manage your customer data:

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