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Uploading Unavailable or Custom or Made to Order Items

We occasionally get asked the following question:

Question: We have a new selection of mountings that are brass samples of engagement rings and wedding bands. Is there a way to add them to our website without putting them in the EDGE? We wouldn't actually sell the item since it's a brass sample.

Can we also list the 14k gold price and the platinum prices on each piece?


Also, I'd like to add diamond stud earrings and maybe show a price range instead of a single price. What do you suggest? What do other stores do to show that they have them available? Or I could list a natural stud pair and a lab grown pair, even though I don't have them in stock - maybe say "Made to Order" on it instead of being in stock?

This can be accomplished by manually uploading your items!

How to Manually Upload Unavailable or Custom Made Items

You can do so either via CSV or by adding each item individually by going to Commerce > Jewelry > +Add. Unless you have a LOT of items, It is recommended to upload via the Commerce > Jewelry page; it's more of a straightforward, visual process than using the CSV.

How to Disable Items for Checkout

When using the CSV:

To make sure the items you upload aren't available for checkout, just be sure to enter N in the enableCheckout column of the CSV.

When adding individual items:

To make sure the items you upload aren't available for checkout, just be sure to uncheck the "Enable Checkout" box under Shipping & Availability.

For showing multiple prices/metal types:

The best method would be making use of item variations ( instructions here). This will not show a range of prices on the product grid itself, but will allow the user to select from the different variations of each item and the price will change accordingly when the item is selected.

For showing "Made to Order" instead of in stock:

In the item details on the Commerce > Jewelry page, scroll down to Shipping & Availability and select your preferred verbiage from the dropdown. Special Order or Call for Availability may be the best options from this list.

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