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The commerce section of SiteManager is a powerful part of the platform that allows you to run your online store and manage every aspect of the retail side of your site. You can view and fulfill orders, update your categories, set up custom coupons, and more.

The commerce section can be broken down into a few distinct parts:

  • Client pages: these pages cover everything to do with clients and their interactions on your site. Client-based pages include Orders and Projects, where you can track orders and custom jewelry projects. Create Coupons and track how well they are performing, or see what people are leaving in their carts with the Abandoned Carts page.

  • Inventory pages: Jewelry, Diamonds, Import Data, and the Batch Processor all help you manage different parts of your inventory. While all of them are useful and important, you may find that you need different pages at various times to control how your inventory is displayed and to add several new products at once.

  • Web Layout pages: choose how your website displays with the Categories page to dynamically create and populate the retail section of your site.

We invite you to watch this video tutorial: SiteManager Walkthrough: Commerce

Visit each of the following pages to learn how to set up and manage your e-commerce:

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